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List crm users



Crm Users


Query Parameters

    ids integer[]

    IDs of crm users to fetch. If a record can't be found, that record won't be returned and your request will be successful

    crm_id string[]

    Filters crm users by crm_ids

    Example: [5003000000D8cuIQAA]
    user_id integer[]

    Filters crm users by user_ids

    Example: [1]
    user_guid string[]

    Filters crm users by user guids

    Example: [9cc6da15-d403-4f5b-aeed-c4b8463cf9ae]
    search string[]

    List of keywords used to find case-insensitive substring matches against account First Name, Last Name

    Example: [john smith]
    per_page integer

    How many records to show per page in the range [1, 100]. Defaults to 25

    page integer

    The current page to fetch results from. Defaults to 1

    include_paging_counts boolean

    Whether to include total_pages and total_count in the metadata. Defaults to false

    limit_paging_counts boolean

    Specifies whether the max limit of 10k records should be applied to pagination counts. Affects the total_count and total_pages data

    sort_by string

    Key to sort on, must be one of: id, name, updated_at. Defaults to id

    sort_direction string

    Direction to sort in, must be one of: ASC, DESC. Defaults to DESC



    id integer

    Crm User ID

    crm_id string

    CRM ID

    created_at date-time

    Datetime of when the crm user was created

    updated_at date-time

    Datetime of when the crm user was last updated

    first_name string

    Account first name

    last_name string

    Account last name

    name string

    Account name

    user object


    id integer
    _href string