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Fetch an action



Fetches an action, by ID only. This endpoint will only return actions that are in_progress or pending_activity. Once an action is complete, the request for that action will return a 404 status code.


Path Parameters

    id stringrequired

    Action ID



    id integer

    ID of Action

    due boolean

    Whether this step is due

    created_at date-time

    Datetime of when the Action was created

    updated_at date-time

    Datetime of when the Action was last updated

    type string

    The type of this action. Valid types are: email, phone, other. New types may be added in the future.

    status string

    The current state of the person on the cadence. Possible values are:

    in_progress: this action has not been completed

    pending_activity: this action has been acted upon, but the action has not been completed. (i.e. the email is scheduled to send, but has not been delivered yet)

    due_on date-time

    When action is due

    multitouch_group_id integer

    ID of the multitouch group

    action_details object

    The type specific action details

    id integer
    _href string
    user object

    User assigned to action

    id integer
    _href string
    person object

    The subject of an action

    id integer
    _href string
    cadence object

    The cadence of an action

    id integer
    _href string
    step object

    The step of an action

    id integer
    _href string
    task object

    The task associated with an action

    id integer
    _href string